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Automatic Packaging Machine

The automatic packaging machine is one of our superior products. The automatic packaging machines that we produce consist of several types. Supported with sophisticated filling machines, our machines have speeds of up to 90- 120pack / minute in the filling and packaging process. We conceptualize a packaging machine that is efficient in cost and easily applied to various types of products. Besides that you don't need to hesitate in adjusting your pockets, we will adjust the size of the machine tools to suit your needs. For certain industries the type of stainles that we use can also be adjusted to the needs of our customers. The stainless we use in this machine is definitely a 304 standard food grate.Information1. The machine replaces the traditional manual packaging, makes the packing production goes automatically., improves production efficiency, reduces production cost by a large margin.2. The machine meets the health standards of food processing machinery. Components contact with products are of food grade, which ensure the healthy and safety.3. Bags/ pouch for this machine are premade.4. Premade bags/ pouch of multi-layer compound, monolayer PE, PP and paper are all usable for this machine.5. The machine can pack product of wide range. The filling device is designed according to the products and can pack solid, liquid, sauce, powder and granule products.6. The main component are of Germany Siemens with friendly interface. And it is easy to operate. The main motor is controlled by frequency conversion. The frequency is adjustable on the colored POD panel according to need in a certain range.7. This machine standard equipped with automatic monitoring system. It can judge machine state by monitoring air pressure, temperature controller and bag opening state. It can control the actions of date printer, material filling device and hot sealing device. Thereby avoid wasting package material and raw material to save production cost.
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