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Toko Pupack Industry (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Pupack Industry Co., Ltd is located in Dongliuting Industrial Park, Chengyang District, Qingdao City, China. As a joint-stock company jointly invested by many well-known packaging machine manufacturers such as IWAKOSHI Iwasuke / Fukukawa Machinery, and a team of foreign technical experts and UN shareholders. , aims to build a high-end brand of bag-type vacuum packaging machines in China: PUPACK

Pupack Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional packaging machinery manufacturer that integrates research and development (R&D), production, sales and services. Our company has sophisticated production equipment, a sound quality assurance system and an excellent after-sales service system. At the same time, we also have a team involved in the production of bag packaging machines for more than 10 years. Around 80% of employees have 6-10 years of work experience in the packaging machinery industry.

Effective control and service can be achieved for the characteristics, performance and quality of the packaging machine. Our company specializes in the production of bag-type automatic packaging machines (pouch), these machines are very simple in operation and maintenance based on stable mechanical transmission technology, combined with advanced pneumatic technology and electric automation control systems. Our products are widely used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture and other industries.

Currently we are opening the international market wide in order to provide the best solutions in the problem of packaging the goods / products of our customers. Pupack is the main brand that we carry in the international market. Indonesia is a country that has great potential in producing quality food products, supported by abundant natural resources, which stabilizes the production of food and beverages. We are here in Indonesia as a partner to help solve problems related to packaging solutions. Hopefully our presence will have a positive impact on the development and acceleration of Indonesian local production.

At present we have participated in various International Fairs and one of them is Allpack Indonesia 2019 and received very good responses from our customers. Seeing the high interest makes us increasingly serious about improving the quality and quantity of our machine manufacture, in order to produce better machines.

To facilitate communication with the head office, we have a representative office located at Jl. Taman Marina Ruko c2a / 5d, Ancol, Pademangan, North Jakarta. We will always innovate and maintain good relations with our customers for mutual progress.


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